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Learn How Patients of McLaughlin Physical Therapy, Quakertown Have Gotten Their Lives Back

Below are some actual healing scenarios we were able to offer our Upper Bucks patients through our hands-on physical therapy.

Shoulder surgery…not enough for a FULL recovery

As a 45-year-old self-employed plumber, I needed surgery to repair my shoulder after falling and tearing my rotator cuff. My surgery went fine, but I was physically weak and had very limited movement of my arm (not good for a plumber). Tired of my sling and not able to work, I finally asked for help. Steve, at McLaughlin Physical Therapy, taught me specific exercises that gradually increased my muscle strength and gave me a full range of motion! I’m finally back to work without pain and moving about like a much younger man.

Student athlete fears the worst…but discovers much more

I am a 17-year-old high school athlete and play varsity soccer. Unfortunately, my season ended sooner than expected when I tore a ligament in my knee. (Not to worry, we won the game.) Surgery repaired the ligament, but I needed much more. I followed a rigorous, but supervised, rehab program to improve my knee’s strength and also protect it from further injury. I’m still doing my exercises and will definitely be ready for next year’s soccer season. No doubt, I am a stronger and smarter athlete thanks to McLaughlin Physical Therapy.

My life and my tennis are reborn!

I consider myself an “active senior” but my arthritis was getting the best of me. My painful knee was causing me to slow down and it all but ended my tennis game. I soon decided to have a total knee replacement. My pain was gone but I still wasn’t moving like my old self. My knee was stiff and I couldn’t really bend it all the way. A friend recommended Steve at McLaughlin Physical Therapy, and I found my answer to better movement. He used some soft-tissue techniques on me and taught me strengthening exercises. My life is full once again and my tennis game has never been better. I’m so grateful.

Becoming the student changed my world

My days were long and very painful. I couldn’t sit, bend, lift or sleep without an intense, burning pain down my leg. Teaching became more difficult for me, and the pain just never went away. It just kept getting worse. I was really questions if this was what life at 50 was supposed to be like? I learned I had sciatica and wanted relief. McLaughlin Physical Therapy soon became my new classroom and Steve, my new teacher. I learned how to improve my posture, with back exercises and stretching techniques. By reducing the stress in my back, my sciatic nerve is less irritated and I can now move freely, without pain, and better yet, I am sleeping like a baby! What a great lesson.

Holding my head up has taken on new meaning!

Somewhere along the line I suffered some injury to the discs in my neck. Not enough to require surgery, but certainly enough to create many a sleepless night and numbness down my right arm which was interfering with my ability to get my work done. My family doctor suggested physical therapy and I started a program with Steve McLaughlin. He showed me how my neck posture had started to deteriorate, and after some soft tissue treatments and an exercise program I could easily follow at home, the tingling and numbness in my arm started to disappear and I was holding my head up in the correct position. I follow that exercise program every day. It has been over ten years now and the numbness has never returned.

Individualized approach helped me regain my active lifestyle

“After one appointment with Steve McLaughlin, I knew that I was finally on the right path. Steve is professional, kind and confident. He provided unique and individualized treatment without the use of assistants. His treatment offered me with immediate pain relief and an efficient path to reclaiming my active lifestyle. With confidence I continue to refer friends and family to McLaughlin Physical Therapy.”

Kate Fetterolf

Steve’s treatment regimen and attention to detail put me on the road to recovery…without surgery!

“After suffering a fall at work, I was diagnosed with right shoulder IMPINGEMENT SYNDROME (injury to the area of the rotator cuff and shoulder blade). The Orthopaedic Surgeon I was seeing recommended trying physical therapy before surgery. As an engineer, my instincts required me to do some research prior to commencing treatment. I spoke with anyone I thought might be able to help me. I was recommended to Steve by a trusted friend. I was skeptical about Physical Therapy and was almost certain I was eventually headed to surgery. At my first visit, I was pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail and Steve’s confidence that we would be able to work through this injury. t took some effort on my part, and six weeks of therapy. My shoulder is better than I thought it would ever be again, without surgery. I actually learned a great deal through this experience. Thanks Steve.”

Ed Overly