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Hands-On, Personalized Treatments Offered by McLaughlin Physical Therapy, Quakertown

At McLaughlin Physical Therapy, we work with our patients and their physician, when appropriate, to determine the approach that will most benefit their condition. This means a complete physical assessment and review of any pertinent x-rays or MRIs to be sure we understand the underlying causes and severity of the case before beginning our therapy.

Depending on your condition, we will perform one or more of the following hands-on therapies to help you take control of your body and achieve pain-free movement. We follow most of these hands-on programs with prescribed exercises to help you strengthen muscle groups to maintain gains made in alleviating the pain you are experiencing. Patients are guided through exercise routines in our office and then encouraged to repeat these exercises regularly at home.

  • Manual Physical Therapy —This specialized form of physical therapy is where practitioners use their hands to relieve joint and soft tissue restrictions resulting in less pain with improved mobility.
  • Myofascial Release —This is a gentle form of soft tissue therapy to treat somatic dysfunction, where restrictive barriers occur in muscles or joints resulting in pain and restriction of motion.
  • Joint Mobilization —When the articular (joint) structures limit their motion, joint mobilization can restore the accessory motions (roll, spin, glide) necessary for normal motion, for example bending your knee or raising your arm.
  • Strain/counterstrain —A gentle manual therapy to alleviate local or regional pain and muscle spasm.
  • Muscle Energy —This technique is used for chronic pain sufferers who present with movement restrictions due to muscle spasm or joint dysfunction. If you are experiencing neck or low back pain you may benefit from muscle energy.
  • Therapeutic Massage —One of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy that involves the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques to enhance function, aid in healing and promote relaxation and well-being.

Treatment from a whole body perspective

“Before going to Steve I tried one of ‘the larger group practices.’ Not only did I not get any better with them, but I actually got worse. Steve was able to help me recover from my shoulder injury without surgery and return to all my previous life activities.

There are many things that make McLaughlin Physical Therapy different than other practices. These include one-on-one attention from Steve, a quiet and professional environment, innovative and up-to-date treatment techniques, treatment from a whole body perspective, and patient education so you can actively participate in your recovery. Steve genuinely cares and wants to help you feel better.”

Todd Rohrbach